Make-Up Trends 2017

Posted on 06 January 2017

Make-Up Trends For 2017
M.A.C senior artist Carol Mackie has told Australian Harper’s Bazaar that there will be 3 big trends in 2017:
  • Gloss – gloss was everywhere and in almost every show with M.A.C studio eye gloss the product of choice as it can be used in so many ways. When going for a glossy statement be sure to keep skin matt, as you don’t want to look “too busy”.
  • Worn-In Eyes – here we are talking eyes that are imperfect and eyeliner that has a smudgy appearance. This look screams confidence!
  • Lips - this is either blurred-out lips or super bold.
    For blurred-out, here we are talking lips that have been softly stained with a red hue. To achieve this look it is recommended that you blur the edges of your lips with a blending brush.
    For bold, think reds, deep plumb, pinks, essentially anything that stands out. Less on the eyes when you wear this bold lips look.




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