Your Secret Closet was born out of love for fashion and the way an outfit can change the way we present ourself to the world.

From as long as Belinda can remember she has always had a strong connection with fashion and styling. On a monthly basis during Secondary School she would catch the train from her home town of Euroa to Melbourne and buy the latest styles and see what the upcoming trends would be…….saving was never going to be her strong point! After studying Psychology at University she began work with Acquired Brain & Spinal Injuries but fashion was always there on the weekends as well as friends getting suggestions and borrowing from her ever expanding wardrobe.

A move to London saw a career move into Aged Care and within a couple of years and suffering burnout a return to fashion saw her passion return. Working for Monsoon/Accessorize she was soon being taught visual merchandising, styling and amazing customer service skills. This led into management roles within some of the stores and really cemented her love of fashion, no matter the price point.

After many years it was time to make the return to Australia and straight back into the healthcare profession. Once back in Melbourne there was also a definite shift in the way people were beginning to shop and how they were spending. Fast fashion was definitely becoming less popular as people became more environmentally conscious as well as socially conscious. Social Media was also beginning to play an important role in our daily lives.

On a trip to a large department store to buy a dress for an important event the lack of customer service and garment care was apparent, after selecting some very expensive garments to try on Belinda was shocked that they had all been left dragging on a very dirty floor and were significantly marked at the bottom, and as for steaming and hanging with care these seemed to be unheard of, such a different experience to what she was trained in. The sales assistants seemed not to be around and when one was found there was no actual skill or knowledge in the advice given so she left empty handed and very deflated.

Out of this experience Your Secret Closet was born, a store that was welcoming and friendly. Where the clothes no matter what brand were treated with love and care and that the staff actually knew what they were doing and wanted everyone to walk out knowing they were going to go to their event looking amazing and it wasn't just about making a sale, it was about making women feel beautiful. This combined with Belinda’s alternate career in Customer Experience has created an environment where women can come and transform themselves, one outfit at a time.